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Historical Notes from the Gastein Valley in Austria

The breath of history itself blows through the valleys and over the mountains of the Alps.
Wherever you go during vacation days spent in the Gastein Valley, you will encounter the tales of days long past.
What were the beginnings of this world-famous spa region actually like and how did everything get started?

The historic core of Böckstein - Altböckstein - the historic mining settlement - unique industrial monument. The settlement was established in 1741 when the peak of the Gastein gold fever was over for a long time. The reason was the simultaneaous task of the older mining plants and residential buildings of the "old Pöck", which orginally were located 15 minutes down into the valley in the direction of Naßfeld, but which were destroyed by an avalanche and in 1746 by strong rains. The new place was called Böckstein and came into being through the purchase of grazing land in the so-called "Hinter- oder Minder-Böckstein".

Montanmuseum in Gastein

The Gastein valley offers a variety of facilities to learn about the historical development of the valley: