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The Gastein Healing Galleries - Health and Energy from Gastein's Mountains!

Gasteiner Healing Galleries in Böckstein
Natural pain relief – unique world wide

The healing climate in the therapy area of the Gastein Healing Gallery is unique world wide. Pleasant warmth ranging from 37 to 41.5 degrees Celsius, high humidity between 70 and
100 percent and a elevated natural radon levels, combine to endow the body with vitality and vigour. Muscles and joints relax and the mountain infuses you with new energy.

The Gastein Healing Gallery is the most effective form of therapy in Gastein and the
most potent natural therapy
in the treatment of rheumatic ailments.

The Effects of a Gastein Healing Gallery Cure:

The optimal curative successes are achieved through the interaction of 3 avenues of treatment: pain relief, motion and training.

   Musculoskeletal complaints
• Morbus Bechterew, spondyloarthropy
• Chronic polyarthritis (rheumatoid arthritis)
• Arthroses (also polyarthrosis of the fingers)
• Chronic gout
• Psoriatic arthritis
• Spinal symptoms
• Soft-tissue rheumatism
• Fibromyalgia syndrome
• Osteoporosis pain
• Neuralgias, polyneuropathy
• Consequences of sports injuries
• Sarcoidosis
  Respiratory complaints
• Chronic bronchitis
• Bronchial asthma
• Chronic sinusitis
• Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
• Hay fever
  Skin complaints
• Psoriasis vulgaris
• Neurodermatitis
• Delayed wound healing
• Scleroderma


Gasteiner Heilstollen

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